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The 2013/14 winter semester marks the first time that Jewish Theology is available as a field of study at a European institution of higher learning.  Thus, almost two hundred years after German-Jewish scholar Abraham Geiger made his public plea for equal recognition, Jewish theology is finally on an academic par with Christian theology – as well as with the new Islamic studies centers being established.  For the first time ever, a state-funded university will allow its students to study the Jewish religion at the academic level. 

The School of Jewish Theology comprises seven professorial chairs, whose teaching and research are entirely dedicated to the rich and multi-faceted history of Judaism over more than three millennia, from ancient times to the present.  The Jewish Theology curriculum comprises the following core subjects: History and Philosophy of the Jewish Religion; The Hebrew Bible and its Exegesis; The Talmud and Rabbinical Literature; The Halacha; Jewish Liturgy and Religious Practice; Hebrew and Aramaic Philology.