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Philosophy of Jewish Religion, Ancient and Medieval Periods

The chair in Philosophy of Jewish Religion in Ancient and Medieval History explores the sources of Judaism that were created in this formative period. Creation and revelation are the most important topics in this regard, shaped as they were by their historical context. Antiquity and the Middle Ages were crucial periods in the consolidation and canonization of Judaism as a lived and living phenomenon outside its place of origin, which nevertheless remained central to the development of Judaism. It is in these times and places that Judaism in all its rich diversity took the form and appearance in which we encounter it today. The rich literature of the rabbis and other Jewish scholars is the topic of this chair—and an inexhaustible subject of study and research.

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Campus Am Neuen Palais / Haus 2, Raum 2.01

E-Mail: daniel.krochmalnik@uni-potsdam.de

Tel.: (+49)331/977-124932

Sprechzeiten: Montag 12-13 Uhr und nach Vereinbahrung

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Academic Staff

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Rabbiner Eli Reich, M.A.

Campus Am Neuen Palais / building 2, room 2.11

E-Mail: elreich@uni-potsdam.nomorespam.de

Office hours: by appointment

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Campus Am Neuen Palais
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