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Textual Studies means of numerous compositions, which we will read and study together...

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Prof. Dr. Idan Dershowitz
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New Hire for Chair of Hebrew Bible and Its Exegesis:

Prof. Dr. Idan Dershowitz

The University of Potsdam and the School of Jewish Theology are pleased to welcome Prof. Dr. Idan Dershowitz as the new Chair of Hebrew Bible and Its Exegesis.

Dershowitz was most recently Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows. He received his doctorate from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, with a dissertation on the material methods of biblical redaction. He has published on diverse philological matters, ranging from the development of the biblical Flood narrative to the evolving attitudes towards homosexuality within the Hebrew Bible. Dershowitz’s research projects on computerized source analysis and his work on the composition of biblical texts will enrich the teaching and research of Biblical Studies at the School of Jewish Theology. We are delighted to have recruited such an innovative, committed and multifaceted biblical scholar for this central domain of Jewish theology, who will advance the profile of the Chair of Hebrew Bible and Its Exegesis internationally.

Prof. Dr. Idan Dershowitz
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Solidarität bei Corona
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+++Living Library of Jewisch Texts

SEFARIA Explore 3,000 years of Jewish texts in Hebrew and English translation. 


Dear instructors and colleagues,
Due to the surge in use of the DFN’s tried-and-tested web conferencing services (, considerable congestion has developed in recent weeks that the DFN cannot quickly resolve, despite expanding its capacities. The University of Potsdam has therefore acquired a campus license for Zoom as part of its emergency measures. More information and background are available at:

The Zoom campus license allows all UP students and employees to initiate audio and video events with up to 300 active participants. For larger events, webinar licenses are also available for a maximum of 500 active participants and 10,000 viewers. 
Because the connection of our account administration still needs to be approved by Zoom, direct registration via the Zoom website using your ‘long-form’ email address is currently not required to use the software.
# If you do not know your long-form email address, please sign in to Moodle ( and click in the upper right on "Show Profile." The long form of your email address will be shown, e.g.: peter.kostaedtuni-potsdamde

# If you have already created a Zoom account using your email address in the past, please sign in to Zoom:

After you have signed in to Zoom on your browser, please sign out using the profile icon in the upper right and sign in again. After signing in you will be shown an interim page where you can access the University of Potsdam account. Your profile data and scheduled meetings will remain unchanged.
If you originally created your account using the short form of your email address (e.g. kostaedtuni-potsdamde), please enter your long-form email address in your profile under "Sign-In Email." 

# If you are not yet a Zoom user, please register once with the long form of your email address under:
You will then receive a confirmation email from Zoom with a button "Access Account," which you must click.

Further information and support for Zoom can be found on the Online Teaching 2020 websites at:

The Central Service Address is available to answer questions at: zim-serviceuni-potsdamde

Best wishes for a successful start in online teaching,
Peter Kostädt, CIO
Tilo Köhn, Director, ZIM

+++ Kursangebote Wochenplan

Werte Studentenschaft
unter diesem Link findet ihr eine Kursangebotsübersicht als Wochenplan.

Werte Gasthörer*innen, auch für Sie besteht natürlich die Möglichkeit an den Online-Seminaren teilzunehmen. Kontaktieren Sie bitte dazu den/die Dozent/in. Eine Einschreibung in die digitale Lernplattform moodleist über dieses Formular möglich:

Gestalten Sie sich ein kreatives Semester und bleiben Sie gesund!

+++ LESEhilfe

»Liebe Student*innen und Freund*innen der School of Jewish Theology,
da die Corona-Pandemie der Einen oder dem Anderen eine erhöhte Schreibtätigkeit ermöglicht, möchte ich euch heute auf die vereinfachten Anmeldeverfahren der Staatsbibliothek Berlin

und der Bayrischen Staatsbibliothek
Für beide Bibliotheken fallen keine Grundgebühren an, und ihr könnt online auf umfangreiche Datenbanken zugreifen.

Außerdem ist der Otzar ha-Hohma bis auf weiteres kostenlos geöffnet:

Ich wünsche euch allen eine stabile Gesundheit -
viele Grüße aus dem Homeoffice euer Johannes

Since the corona pandemic enables more people to write, I would like to inform you today about the simplified registration procedure for the Berlin State Library

and the Bavarian State Library

Clues. There are no basic fees for both libraries, and you can access extensive databases online.

In addition, the Otzar ha-Hohma is open free of charge until further notice: «

Dank an Johannes für die Information.

Society of Biblical Literatur

+ + +  Einschränkungen wegen Corona-Pandemie
Informationen für Studierende der School of Jewish Theology

Liebe Studierende,
wie Sie über die offizielle Uni-List schon erfahren haben, ist der gesamte Universitätsbetrieb der Universität Potsdam wegen der Corona-Pandemie bis mindestens zum 19. April 2020 stark eingeschränkt.

Nach bisherigem Stand beginnt die Vorlesungszeit des Sommersemesters erst am 20. April 2020.

Eventuell werden die Vorlesungen und Seminare im Sommersemester online anlaufen. Wenn dies der Fall sein sollte, erhalten Sie rechtzeitig Informationen, auf welchen Plattformen dies geschehen soll.

Aktuelle Informationen zum Studium und den Prüfungsleistungen finden Sie unter dem folgendem Link, diese werden regelmäßig aktualisiert:

Die Professor*innen und Mitarbeiter*innen der School of Jewish Theology
sind wie gewohnt bis dahin über E-Mail oder Telefon erreichbar. Sprechstunden finden vorläufig nicht statt.

Sollten Sie Fragen zu Ihren Modularbeiten, BA-Arbeiten oder MA-Arbeiten haben, kontaktieren Sie bitte die zuständigen Betreuer*innen dieser Arbeiten per E-Mail.

Bei allgemeinen Fragen zum Studienablauf, zur Studienberatung wenden Sie sich bitte an Martin Kujawa: kujawauni-potsdamde, Tel. 01719443098,

und zu Prüfungsangelegenheiten an Netanel Olhoeft: netanel.olhoeftuni-potsdamde 

Restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic Information
for School of Jewish Theology students

Dear Students,
As you have seen from the official UP list, the functioning of the entire University of Potsdam is now severely restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic until at least 19 April 2020. According to the most recent update, courses for the summer semester will not begin until 20 April 2020.

There is a chance that courses and seminars for the summer semester may have to take place online. If this is indeed the case, you will be informed as soon as possible about which platforms will be utilized for this.

Current information on study programs and examinations can be found at the following link, which will be updated regularly:

Until then, School of Jewish Theology faculty and staff will be reachable via email or telephone as usual. Office hours have been temporarily cancelled.

For questions regarding module essays or BA/MA theses, please approach your designated supervisor via email. Please address general questions about study programs or advising to Martin Kujawa: kujawauni-potsdamde, tel. 01719443098,

and specific questions about examinations to Netanel Olhoeft: netanel.olhoeftuni-potsdamde  + + +



to the Potsdam School of Jewish Theology! You will find information on these pages about this unique institution and the opportunities it offers to students, scholars, future rabbis and cantors, and anybody else interested in Judaism as a religion and a way of life. Whether you are Jewish or not, I hope that you get a feel for our passion for researching and teaching Jewish theology in all its diverse forms.

If you are interested in exploring the treasures waiting to be found in the Bible and in the Talmud, in Jewish religious law and liturgical practice, in Jewish thought and its religious and intellectual history, I invite you to contact us and join us at our beautiful campus in Potsdam to study or research at the School of Jewish Theology or our partners, the Abraham Geiger College and the Zacharias Frankel College.

On the following pages you can also discover the historical importance of the Potsdam School in the context of the establishment of Jewish theology as an academic discipline.

I would very much like to hear from you and I look forward to welcoming you to Potsdam.

New Publication: Christologie zwischen Judentum und Christentum - Jesus, der Jude aus Galiläa, und der christliche Erlöser

Edited by Christian Danz, Kathy Ehrensperger and Walter Homolka

Seventy years of Jewish-Christian dialogue has found surprisingly little resonance in Christian Systematic Theology. This insight was the basis of a conference in Vienna where exegetes and systematicians of Roman-Catholic, Protestant, and Jewish Theology intensively engaged in discussing the question: how can Christian traditions credibly speak of Jesus Christ without denigrating Judaism or appropriating it for their own ends? Arising from findings of contemporary exegesis, the volume presents a variety of diverse approaches to Christology that take Jesus the Jew seriously, and are willing to recognize Judaism in a manner characterized by mutual acceptance and esteem.

Further information can be found here.

Cover "Gender and Religious Leadership"

New Publication: Gender and Religious Leadership: Women Rabbis, Pastors, and Ministers

Edited by: Hartmut Bomhoff, Denise L. Eger, Kathy Ehrensperger, and Walter Homolka.

Ministerpräsident Woidtke und Rabbiner Prof. Homolka - Bildbeschreibung für Sehbehinderte

Verleihung des Bundesverdienstkreuzes an Rabbiner Prof. Walter Homolka

Vom brandenburgischen Ministerpräsidenten Dietmar Woidke erhielt Rabbiner Prof. Dr. Walter Homolka am 27.2. das Bundesverdienstkreuz 1. Klasse.

International Conference "Re-Framing American-Jewish History and Thought."

July 20-22, 2016. Some 30 scholars from Europa, Israel, and the U.S. will gather in Potsdam to look at American Jewry from new, transnational perspectives.

Prof. Liwak und Herr Vorwahl vor dem Unigebäude

Neu-Edition der Philippsohn Tora

Gemeinsam mit dem AGK wird der Herder-Verlag eine zweisprachige Neu-Edition dieser Tora herauszugeben. Sie ist eine jüdische Bibelübersetzung für den Haus-, Schul- und Synagogengebrauch.



In cooperation with the  Faculty of Protestant Theology of the University of Vienna and the Abraham Geiger College, the School of Jewish Theology organizes a symposium on the topic

Jesus, the Jew from Galilee, and the Christian Redeemer: Christology between Judaism and Christianity

Further information can be found here.

29. - 31. Januar 2019 in Vienna

Louis Lewandowski Festival 2018

Festival Opening and Concert

Czernowitzer Orchestra, Synagogal Ensemble Berlin and three choirs from Israel under the direction of Regina Yantian and Mark Wolloch.

Further information can be found here.

20. December 2018, 6:00 PM

St. Nikolaikirche, Potsdam 

Polish-German Workshop for Young Scholars

The School of Jewish Theology, the Department of Jewish Studies and Religious Studies and the Jagiellonian University (Kraków) are hosting the 3rd Polish-German Workshop for Young Scholars in Jewish History, Religion and Culture.

The workshop will take place from October 24th to October 28th in Potsdam and is open for both M.A. and PhD students.

Further information can be found here. 

EJCR in Rome at the 10th Enoch Nangeroni Meeting on Gender and 2. Temple Judaism

The Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations (EJCR) co-sponsored this year's Enoch Nangeroni Meeting on Gender and Second Temple Judaism in Rome. More information can be found here.