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Dr. Inja Stracenski

Dr. Inja Stracenski

Coordination, Public Relations, Teaching

Campus At the New Palace 10/House 15, Room 0.01

E: inja.stracenskiuni-potsdamde
T: +49 (0) 331-977-4313

Consultation hours: Monday 11am - 12pm and upon appointment



  • Spinoza‘s (Jewish) Philosophy
  • The role of cabbalistic and rabbinic literature in the emergence of early modern science, political theories (political Hebraism) and philosophy.
  • Jewish Thought and Philosophy in France after the Shoah
  • Jewish ‘dissidence’ in former Yugoslavia

Curriculum vitae

2022/23: Coordinator and Lecturer at the School of Jewish Theology, University of Potsdam

2020-2022: Research Assistant at the School of Languages and Linguistics, German Studies, The University of Melbourne, Australia

2022: Anderson Postdoctoral Research Fellowship awarded by The University of Sydney, Australia.

2018-2020: Lecturer in Philosophy, National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Sydney, Australia

2020: PhD in Philosophy, “Spinoza’s first philosophy and the Knowledge of God” (Prof. Moira Gatens, Sydney. Prof. Susan James, London. Prof. Willi Goetschel, Toronto), awarded by The University of Sydney, Australia

2017-2019: Research Assistant – ARC Grant „Spinoza and Literature for life: A Practical Theory of Art”, The University of Sydney, Australia

2017-2019: Research Assistant – FASS Collaborative Research Scheme Grant “Conceptions and Theories of ‘Life’ from the Nineteenth Century to the Present”, The University of Sydney, Australia

2014-2020: Teaching staff (sessional) in Philosophy (Department of Philosophy, Department of Government and International Relations) The University of Sydney, Australia

M.A. studies: Philosophy, Catholic Theology, Logic and Philosophy of Science, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (LMU), Germany

Postgraduate courses: Philosophy, Jewish History and Culture, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich (LMU), Germany


The knowledge of God in Spinoza. Book manuscript (forthcoming), Oxford University Press. (based on my 2020 PhD dissertation:

Nothingness: Martin Heidegger and Georges Perec, with Daniela K. Helbig, in: Varieties of Nothingness (ed. Dean Rickles and Leslie Stein, University of Sydney), Chiron Publications, 2024, coming soon:

Spinoza’s Compendium of the Grammar of the Hebrew Languagein: Parrhesia: Journal of Critical Philosophy, Issue 32, 2020: 122-144. The Lucy Firth Publication Prize 2019, The University of Sydney, Australia.

Der Wille und die Vernunft: Kant und Spinoza über die Grundlagen der Ethik (Will and Reason: Kant and Spinoza on the Foundations of Ethics) in:Motivationen für das Selbst: Kant und Spinoza im Vergleich, Wolfenbütteler Forschungen, 130 (Harrassowitz Publisher, 2012): 15-30. Herzog-August Library, Wolfenbüttel.


Henri Atlan, (french.-engl.): Cours de philosophie biologique et cognitiviste: Spinoza et la biologie actuelle (Odile Jacob, 2018) - Spinoza and Contemporary Biology (Edinburgh University Press, 2024):

Erich Fromm, (german-engl.): Erich Fromm’s Zionistische Beiträge und Schriften (1918-1923)Erich Fromm’s Early Writings and the Quest for Identity, in: Fromm Forum 28/2024, EFS, Tübingen.

Sarah Hornäk, (german-engl.): Intersections between philosophy and art: expressions of immanence in the 17th century: Spinoza and Vermeer, Intellectual History Review 30 (3), 2020: 447-464.

Conference Papers

Heaven knows no country, nor does the earth: Danilo Kiš, Australasian Association of Jewish Studies (AAJS) Conference: “Jewish History in a Global Context: Telling Transnational Stories (Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia), 2022

The Infinite in Spinoza, “Infinity Wars: Spinoza versus Hegel”, Workshop of the Melbourne School of Continental Philosophy, (University of Melbourne, Australia), 2021

Spinoza’s Ethics as philosophia prima, Spinoza Workshop (Monash University, Melbourne, Australia), 2018

Reflections on the Foundations of the State. The Early Modern ‘Hebrew Republic’,Early Modern Conference (University of Sydney, Australia), 2017

Ontology without a Substratum: Hegel’s Science of Logic as ‘Metaphysics proper’, Inaugural Conference of the Australian Hegel Society (University of New South Wales, Australia), 2016

Spinoza’s Compendium of the Grammar of the Hebrew Language, ‘Spinoza’s Provocation’ – International Conference (University of Western Sydney, Australia), 2016

Spinoza's Compendium Grammatices Linguae Hebraeae: Manual of Biblical Hebrew for non-Jewish Scholars: Spinoza's Biblical Exegesis as Corrective of Theological anti-Judaism, Australasian Association of Jewish Studies (AAJS) Conference: “Neighbours: Relations between Jews and non-Jews throughout History” (University of New South Wales and the Shalom Institute, Sydney, Australia), 2015

The Name of God – Judaism and Hermeneutics: Structure and Meaning of Language, Biennial Conference in Philosophy, Religion and Culture (Catholic Institute of Sydney, Australia), 2012

The Political Philosophy of Albert Camus, Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) Annual Conference (University of Wollongong, Australia), 2012

What is Jewish Philosophy?, Australasian Association of Philosophy (AAP) Annual Conference (University of Otago, New Zealand), 2011


Australasian Association of Jewish Studies

German Spinoza Society

Dr. Inja Stracenski

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