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BA Jewish Theology

Hebrew Book
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Bachelor of Arts

The scope of material covered by the degree program is extensive: from the Hebrew Bible and the great theological works of the Middle Ages to the thinkers and intellectual debates of modern times. Thus, the BA Program in Jewish Theology not only gives students a basic intellectual grounding in Judaism, but also provides them with critical academic expertise as well as valuable insights into Jewish religious practice. The program places particular emphasis on acquiring solid proficiency in the Hebrew and Aramaic languages, so that students can work with texts in their original languages as soon as possible. Other focal points of study are Judaism’s relations with other faiths, particularly Christianity and Islam or a specialization in biblical archaeology. As of 2018 the School of Jewish Theology also offers a BA Program in Jewish Theology with an emphasis on Biblical Archeology.

The BA degree program in Jewish Theology – the only one of its kind in Europe – is open to all interested applicants regardless of their religious affiliation!
Degree: Bachelor of Arts

Through the study of Jewish Theology, students acquire competencies that qualify them, in addition to their academic careers, for professional activities in areas related to Jewish religious practice and the teaching of Jewish religion. These include activities in Jewish institutions, in journalism, in the cultural sector, in the educational sector or in political consulting.
For those Jewish students who are considering a career in the rabbinate or cantorate, the comprehensive BA and MA courses are complemented by vocational training programs provided by the Abraham Geiger College (Progressive) and the Zacharias Frankel College (Masorti). For more information, see: or

Informationen for prospective BA students
Please read the given information carefully.

Central student advisory service:
International Office for incoming students from abroad:
Academic Advisory at the School of Jewish Theology: Netanl Olhoeft, M.A. (verlinkt)

There are no restrictions on admission to the BA program in Jewish Theology. The program's first semester is offered only during the winter. Thus, enrollment for the summer semester will be open only to students having completed at least the first (winter) semester.

Acceptance to a German University: Applicants from Germany, the European Union, or the European Economic Area, as well as international applicants holding a German University Entrance Certificate, will find specific information on enrollment here (

Non-German University Entrance Acceptance: International applicants with a non-German University Entrance Certificate should apply via uni-assist e.V. in accordance with that organization's procedures and deadlines. More information is available here:

The enrollment deadline for BA Jewish Theology is August 15 of any given year. For further information please contact the study advisor (here).

Informationen for our BA students

Academic Counseling
We offer academic counseling to help you succeed in your studies. You should make use of this offer not just at the beginning of your studies, but throughout. Our academic advisors can guide you regarding all content-related and organizational questions of studying Jewish Theology. They are also responsible for recognizing previous studies and transfer credits from other programs, or for placing you in more advanced classes.
Please contact Rabbi Netanel Olhoeft M.A.

Zessko, Center for Languages and Key Competences:
The writing Assistance Program provides support to all students, from all degree programs, for writing their term papers and theses, as well as other academic writing assignments.

The Career Service of the University of Potsdam:
supports you in finding your individual career path and answers on your professional development and application procedure.

Study Regulations
Please find the study regulations for the BA program in Jewish Theology here.

Application & Enrollment
For information regarding application and enrollment, see this link.

List of all possible modules within the BA program in Jewish Theology:

Statutory bodies:
If you´re interested to participate in the statutory work at the School, please don´t hesitate to contact the members!

Examination board:
Prof. Schorsch (Vorsitz), Prof. Kosman, Prof. Liwak, N. Olhoeft, K. Olthoff

Study board:
Lecturers: Prof. Idan Dershowitz (Vorsitz), Dr. Anusiewicz-Baer, Dr. Vorpahl, Dr. Inja Stracenski ; Students: J. N. Hörmann, K. Olthoff

Basic Bibliographies:
The following lists of books are representative of current academic scholarship in the various fields taught at the School of Jewish Theology. The two lists offered here are meant to be suggestive of the kind of scholarship that a graduate at the B.A and M.A level should be familiar with. see