Dr. Ronen Pinkas
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Dr. Ronen Pinkas

Campus Am Neuen Palais / Haus 2, Raum 2.02

E-Mail: pinkasuni-potsdamde
Telefon: +49 (0) -331-977-4325

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Dr. Ronen Pinkas
Photo: privat

Research priorities

- Jewish thought in Germany in the early 20th century

- Jewish philosophy and psychoanalysis; Freud on religion, the early writings of Erich Fromm

- Comparative theology


"Religion und Gesetz im Denken Hermann Cohens und Franz Rosenzweigs, eine philosophische Diskussion im Sog von Freuds Moses“. (Bar Ilan, Ramat Gan, 2013).


"Freud's Moses and Fromm's Freud: Erich Fromm's silence on Freud's Moses - a silence of negation or a silence of consent?", International Journal of Philosophy and Theology (2022): 1-24 [English]. Zum Artikel: 

“Animal rights – Jewish perspectives,” The Turn: Zeitschrift für islamische Philosophie, Theologie und Mystik , Nr. 3 (2021): 65-88 [English]. Zum Artikel: 

"Idolatry", Encyclopedia of Jewish-Christian Relations (EJCR), W. Homolka, K. Ehrensperger, R. Kampling, A. Levine, C. Markschies, P. Schäfer & M. Thurner (eds.), Berlin, Boston: De Gruyter, 2021 [English].

“Der Sabbat” as a point of reference for evaluating Erich Fromm’s approach to Jewish Law: a prelude to Fromm's contribution to modern Jewish thought.” Fromm Forum, vol. 25 (2021): 19-41 [English]. Zum Artikel:

“Softening the rigidity of the law: a psycho-theological study of Rosenzweig’s attitude toward the law and the mitzvah.” Daat: A Journal of Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah, vol. 89 (2020): 493-517 [Hebrew].

“Reason and the future of historical consciousness: Examining a possible influence of Hermann Cohen on Erich Fromm.” Archivio di Filosofia, vol. LXXXVII, 1 (2020): 149-161 [English].

“Correlation and Orientation: Erich Fromm’s Position on Religion in Light of Hermann Cohen and Franz Rosenzweig.” Daat: A Journal of Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah, vol. 85 (2018): VII-XXXV [English].

“Between the Jordan River and the Ganges: On Karma and the Biblical Principle Measure for Measure: A Discussion on the Premises of A Comparative Theological Encounter.” Daat: A Journal of Jewish Philosophy and Kabbalah, vol. 84 (2017): 443-474 [Hebrew].

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