Information for prospective students

The BA/MA degree programm in Jewish Theology - the only one of its kind in europe - is open to all interested applicants regardless of their religious affiliation. The scope of material covered by the degree program is extensive: from the Hebrew Bible and the great theological works of the Middle Ages to the thinkers and intellectual debates of modern times.

Interested in studying at the School of Jewish Theology?

Here you can find all you need to know about admission requirements, set both by the University and by the School, for the single-major B.A. and the Master programs we offer:

General Admission Regulations for Master’s Degree Programs not related to teacher education at the University of Potsdam

Academic Advising

We offer academic advising to help you succeed in your studies. You should make use of this offer not just at the beginning of your studies, but throughout. Our academic advisors can guide you regarding all content-related and organizational questions of studying Jewish Theology. They are also responsible for recognizing previous studies and transfer credits from other programs, or for placing you in more advanced classes.


Your advisors are:

Prof. Admiel Kosman, head of the program. Office hours by appointment, ph. +49-331-977-1204, Hs. 2, room 2.15, kosmanuni-potsdamde

For more general questions, e.g. choice of program, organizational issues, financial support, please contact Central Student Advisory Service. 

Central Student Advisory Service (ZSB): Campus am Neuen Palais +49 (0) 331/977-1715 | Haus: 8 | R. 0.10-0.16 | studienberatung(at)

The International Office: Campus am Neuen Palais | +49 (0) 331/977/1760 | infoaaa(at)

BAFöGBAföG Beauftragter - Dr. Michael Bergner |+49 (0) 331-977-1014 | R: | mbergner(at)

Enrollment information

Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Theology

There are no restrictions on admission to the BA program in Jewish Theology. The program's first semester is offered only during the winter. Thus, enrollment for the summer semester will be open only to students having completed at least the first (winter) semester. Anyone interested in being trained for the rabbinate or cantorate is invited to contact the Abraham Geiger College.

Acceptance to a German University: Applicants from Germany, the European Union, or the European Economic Area, as well as international applicants holding a German University Entrance Certificate, will find specific information on enrollment here. The enrollment deadline for the winter semester of non-restricted degree programs is September 15 of any given year. For information on current application and enrollment procedures, please see


Non-German University Entrance Acceptance: International applicants with a non-German University Entrance Certificate should apply via  uni-assist e.V. in accordance with that organization's procedures and deadlines. More information is available here:


Master of Arts in Jewish Theology

There are no restrictions on admission to the MA Program in Jewish Theology. The programs's first semester is offered in both the summer and the winter.

Application deadlines for the summer/winter semester: March 15and September 15, respectively. Applications may be submitted via uni-assist e.V.

Prerequisites for admission:

§ Bachelor's Degree or an equivalent, first professional qualifying degree in a subject essential to the Master's program, such as Jewish Theology, Jewish Studies/Judaica, or Rabbinical Studies.

§ Hebrew proficiency: At a minimum, proof of proficiency in classical Hebrew (Hebraicum) or of equivalent qualification.

§ English proficiency: Level B or higher (GER)

Statutory bodies

Examination board:  Prof. Dr. Admiel Kosman (chair person), Prof. Dr. Walter Homolka, Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Liwak, Dr. Yael Kupferberg, Student: not yet appointed.

Study board:  Prof. Dr. Admiel  Kosman (chair person), Prof. Dr. Walter Homolka, Apl. Prof. Dr. Christoph Schulte, (advisory member: Michael Herrmann), Students: not yet appointed.