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Yemima Hadad, Dr.



Building: 2 room: 2.02

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Office hours: in the semester break by appointment.





1. Co-authored with Admiel Kosman. “The Societal Role of the Man of Spirit according to  Martin  Buber.” Hebrew Union College Annual 91 (2021). [In press].

2. »’Ich Habe Nicht Geantwortet’: Hermeneutics of Secrecy, Religious Silence, and Dialogvergessenheit in Martin Buber’s Exchange with Franz Rosenzweig  about Halakhah.« Naharaim 14:1 (2020): 103-132.

3. »Hasidic Myth-Activism: Martin Buber’s Theopolitical Revision of the Volkish Nationalism.«  Religions 10:2 (2019):1-34.

4. »Fruits of Forgetfulness: Politics and Nationalism in the Philosophies of Martin Buber and  Martin HeideggerHeidegger and Jewish Thought: Difficult Others. Edited by Elad  Lapidot and Micha Brumlik (Rowman & Littlefield International, 2017), 201-220.

5. Book Review. »Feminism, Femininity and Women: The Presence and Contribution of  Women in  Shaping Martin Buber’s Thought: Reflections on Paul Mendes-Flohr’s Martin Buber: Life of   Faith and Dissent.« [In press].

6. »The Hasidic Zaddik as Theopolitical Leader.« [Forthcoming]

7. »Jewish Activism: Tikun Olam in Martin Buber’s Theopolitics.« [Hebrew, forthcoming]