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Prof. Dr. Admiel Kosman

Campus Am Neuen Palais / Building 2, Room 2.15

e-mail: in German or English: kosmanuni-potsdamde, להתקשרות לאדמיאל קוסמן גם בעברית admiel.kosmangooglemailcom
Tel.: (0049)331/977-1204
Fax: (0049)331/977-1193

Office hours by appointment



Curriculum vitae


Professor für Talmud und Rabbinische Literatur an der School for Jewish Theology an der Universität Potsdam.


Full Professor at the Cathedra for Rabbinic Studies in Potsdam University and the Academic Director of Abraham Geiger College in Berlin.


Visiting Professor at the Oxford Center for Hebrew and Jewish Studies.


Visiting Professor at the Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of California and in the Graduate Theological Union (G.T.U.) at Berkeley.


Senior Lecturer at Bar Ilan University.


Vice-Chairman of the Unit for Basic Jewish Studies which provides classes in basic Judaism to all University students, and editor of the “Daf Shvui”, the weekly learning page of Bar Ilan University.


PH.D. with high distinction at the Talmud department in Bar Ilan University (The History of the Halakhic Category of 'Ovadin De'chol' Prohibitions in Sabbath and Yom-Tov).


B.A. with high distinction at the Talmud department in Bar Ilan University, Israel.

Admiel Kosman is also an Israeli Poet, the author of 7 books of poetry, and the editor of an anthology of religious poetry (with Meiron Eizakson). He is also writing frequently articles that are published in his column “Otzar Katan” (small treasure) in ‘Haarezt’ (an Israeli newspaper) on traditional stories in a postmodern light.


Dissertation supervision







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