Rabbiner Eli Reich, M.A.

eli reich
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Campus Am Neuen Palais / Haus 15, Raum 1.06

E-Mail: elreichuni-potsdamde

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eli reich
Foto: privat

Eli Reich received a B. A. in Hebrew Bible and Jewish Philosophy at Bar Ilan University. He pursued M. A. studies in Rabbinic Judaism (at The Jewish Theological Seminary) and Bible (at Hebrew University) and Ph.D studies in Bible (at Brandeis University) and History of Religions (at The University of Chicago Divinity School). He received an M. A in Jewish Theology from Institut für Jüdische Theologie / School of Jewish Theology, Universität Potsdam. He was ordained as Rabbi at Abraham Geiger College, Potsdam.

He taught Bible, Rabbinic Judaism and History of Religions at various universities in the United States and Canada, and is now Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiter at the School of Jewish Theology.

Eli’s Courses at the School of Jewish Theology: 

Jewish Spirituality: Nahman of Bratslav and Abraham Isaac Kook.

Jewish Liturgy: Prayer as Myth, Spiritual Practice, and Poetry.

Introduction to the Mishnah.

Introduction to the Talmud.

Introduction to the Zohar: Myth, Midrash and Mysticism in Medieval Judaism.    


Main research interests:

Rabbinic Judaism (especially Midrash) as part of Late Antiquity

Biblical Religion and Theology

Constructive Contemporary Jewish Theology (including, via hermeneutics, Nahman of Bratslav and Abraham Isaac Kook)

Judaism in Modern Hebrew Literature; History of Religions (e.g. New Testament, Buddhism, as well as methodological & comparative aspects)

Inter-religious dialogue