Prof. Dr. Jonathan Schorsch

j. schorsch
Foto: Angelina Schüler

Campus Am Neuen Palais / Haus 2, Raum 2.09

Tel.: 0331/977-1744

E-Mail: jschorschuni-potsdamde

Sprechzeiten: Nach Vereinbarung.

j. schorsch
Foto: Angelina Schüler


I received my PhD in History from the University of California - Berkeley in 2000. Since then I have taught at Emory University (Atlanta), Columbia University (New York) and Sarah Lawrence College (Bronxville, NY). I was invited to teach at the University of Potsdam beginning in 2015.


Early modern Sephardic history and culture

Slavery, “race” and religion

Judaism and ecology


Visual art


Eine Liste der Publikationen finden Sie hier.